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2 simple additions I would like to see added to the game

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2 things I keep thinking about while playing the game that should be fairly simple. I would like to have half walls that are waist height instead of having to build windows that are hard to look out of. These would basically be for the top of castles or buildings so it’s easier to look down. And the second thing is a white board / chalk board to hang on walls. This is so when I play and leave the game and if I come back to it later I’m not completely lost as to what I was previously doing. So say I put on the board “need to make more berry leather for more armor” as basically a sticky note reminding me what I was doing. Small Extra Side thing I would Also like a “No Ants Allowed” sign just for fun.

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7 hours ago, dvsnathan said:

lmao the chalkboard idea made me laugh just because I always make a mental list of what I'm going to do but then I get side tracked by something like an attacking spider and forget everything! Chalk board would be a great idea.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking because not only do I not remember what I was doing last time I was playing I get side tracked a lot.

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