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1 hour ago, Boeroer said:

It's actually a ranged weapon with rather short range (it works with Driving Flight for example), but it is indeed very powerful. 

Oh yeah, good point. The range is short and its "snake arms" so I think of it as melee, but that makes it even better. You can tag several enemies with it before it goes away.

My thief/illusionist hireling uses it, and she's also wielding the Eye of Wael, and wearing the Effigy's Husk and the Whitewitch Mask, which I think makes her terrifying. She's got a Scarecrow vibe, but with snakes.

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Hey guys, I want to thank you all for your help and advice, it's given me a really nice insight into the system as a whole honestly. I decided to go with an Enchanter/Blackjacket combo and after playing a few hours it's really felt good. The Blackjacket perk has made it really easy to go between broadsword and sword and shield as becomes necessary (I've never made use of swapping weapons like this before) and there have so far been a few places where multi-classing has let me pick up a passive boost in one class so for the other I can focus on getting other activated effects. Also most buffs are free actions to use at this point so I can load up on buffs and then get right into the fray on the same turn. 

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