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Dew drops don't seem to be spawning for me Xbox

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Last patch has made this an issue with respawning items like the Dew Collector, Mushroom Garden, and Weeds. Send Obsidian support a bug report about this so we can try and get a hot fix for it.

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They are aware of the issues and are working on it as we speak. Most people are adapting by making a base by the flowers and using the nectar that spawns there as a decent source of recurring food and water. Hopefully they add other methods of hydration and sustenance. Perhaps a large building that you place dirty water gathered by a canteen and it uses solar energy or a fire to turn say X drops of dirty water into 1 drop of clean water. Farming could also be expanded to include various sizes of mushroom farm. Maybe even traps that attract weevils to a cage and lock them in until you can come let them out or kill them for food.

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14 hours ago, Richard A Pilat said:

I found the juice box  in the tree that had a bunch of juice pulled up. Once I drank it all the others reset. My dew hasn't yes so I am guessing it might have collected somewhere else on the map. Mushrooms no clue on.

I was talking to a friend about this last night and we're figuring there's a limit on how much dew is allowed to spawn. Personally I'm guessing the issue is coming from the sprinklers on the map that spawn water that rolls into the pond. If it doesn't count those as removed from the map, its very possible thats whats causing it. But again, thats just a guess.

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