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Multiplayer Suggestions

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Loving the game concept so far.  Currently playing a game with my husband.  Just a few things:


He created the game so when I join I usually don't have a saved character, which means I lose all my stuff when I join.

I wish I could play the game without him online (the same game we started together)

The game randomly has save points, there needs to be a way to save the game periodically

Having a better bow would be nice (possibly haven't gotten to the point where we discover this).

Spiders can glitch inside things, not necessarily a bad thing just a side note.

I experienced a glitch where there was a group of recordings in a pile with a juice droplet (not sure what that was about); kept asking me to interact with it (grab it) but I could not.


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As an arachnophobe spiders glitching into the room that i'm in to bite my face off is absolutely terrifying, but I can live with it for now.

You can load the same saves for singleplayer and multiplayer but there is currently no way for you both to play on the same world without "host". (For example I can host my single player worlds for my friends to join but because it's my world they can't play on it without me.)

And as for the bow, no spoilers..... but you'll figure it out.

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