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Post here to find multiplayer grounders to join!

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Do you not have friends/family that are as nerdy as you? Playing grounded all alone? you shall no longer suffer, the community you yearn for is here.  Post your Gamertag and join up!




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23 hours ago, CakeBanditJr16 said:

The unfortunate part about MP right now is if you're offline (depending on who is host) I can't continue adventuring/building in the world we created together and that's why MP is garbage as is!

You can quit Single Player and load your game as Multiplayer to allow your friends to join.

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On 8/1/2020 at 4:29 PM, CakeBanditJr16 said:

You're right but whoever is not hosting will not have ANY of the items they grinded for..

Yeah, that's a downside, plus in my friend's game I don't even load up at my last save point, always back to game beginning, and lose all equipped items.

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