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Buggy Ground / Building / Food / Loot

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Out of the hours of play that I have had there was nothing more than fun and I will keep playing more but over this time I have found some glitches and some things that I wanted to suggest. 

glitch one of two has to do with the ground allowing anything to go through it, Most of the time nothing happens but in some areas I can drop an item and it fall straight through the ground and the most frustrating part was it can happen with your death bag. 

Glitch two is that when building sometimes it wont allow placements and it mainly has to do with it not connecting properly at the top of foundations or wall or scaffolding. 


In mention of building I think the addition of half walls and triangle walls to place on the sides on stairs and roofs, half versions of those would also help and the reinforced varieties would help. these would help with the glitch placement at times and give more opportunities. Add a fence as well for porches as it would help add more variety and atheistic to a building. Stilts / Columns would help to add over hangs. 

I'm sure all of this was thought of or possible already set for a future update but saying we want or need it might help push it closer or add it to a development list. 

With food to me and my friend we found it odd we couldn't make grilled mushrooms or that we didn't get much insect meat we thought it would be nice to add roasted nuts and such items to add more reliable foods. 

And finally something with looting is the drops, Many items we have to get can sometimes take awhile so increase loot tables or allowing us to pick up body parts after the body splits apart. 

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