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Combat and movement

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I think I rather want a fast dodge than a roll... roll can work on third person but on first person could be confusing, while just a fast dodge will work on both views. Could be double shift or a specific key to perform it, and why not upgradeable by mutations or by milk molars (stats) having more dodges.

Although take in to account that if the mechanic implemented makes the game a lot easier, that could lead to OB balancing the game difficulty and bugs, being maybe, faster with quicker attacks or more combos, because we will have dodge + shield/block. And well 🤣 it will lead to funny or rage moments depending where you fight it you fall on the haze trench, or to watter, or just stuck on 2/3 grass steems

Anyway Im not against the roll, I like it and could be an option to choose on the character selection, just "choose your prefered style Roll/Dodge". In fact better be an option I play on first person (sometimes third) but my friend plays third always from the moment I said to him how to use third person camera xd

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