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Having played about 10 hours of the game on Xbox so far, really enjoying it and love the world and story so far.  With that said, here are some observations and suggestions I have (some of which have already been shared by others) in a hope they may be considered for future enhancements.

  • Ability to name save files, or at least differentiate Auto-Save files between Single and Multiplayer
  • Multiplayer Accessibility
    • Ability to invite Friends into game from the Xbox menus (current option where you have to host and then they have to join from the menu is a bit clunky)
    • Ability to set game to "Private" (we had a random person join our game multiple times and had to keep kicking them)
  • Hotpouch Control - change to "Tap LB" to quick cycle through the Hotpouch items, and "Hold LB" to open Hotpouch radial menu.
    • Currently very cumbersome to quickly or easily swap things in certain situations, especially if your items break or run out of consumables.
    • PC players can easily assign these to 1-8 keys for example, so Xbox would benefit from another option and would be similar to Minecraft.
    • Xbox can remap some of the Hotpouch spots to the D-Pad, but then you'd lose other commands (not that Non-verbal comms or emotes are that useful for Single player, I've also reassigned D-Pad Right to Open the Map)
  • Find a new function for the Y button, as toggling the markers could be moved to the Map screen.  
    • This would allow for another remapped command as the Marker Toggle exists on the Executable Radial
    • or to activate your "off-hand" items like torches, maybe an eventual Shield,
    • Another option would be a "Ping"  command for a temporary marker to highlight an item or location, and would be especially useful for Multiplayer (preferred option)
    • I've currently mapped it to Swap to Previous Item, which is useful only if the equipment you last used compliment each other (I likely will be remapping it again to be Hotpouch Slot 1 and putting a weapon there)
  • Inventory Quality of Life
    • Armor once equipped should not take up an inventory slot
    • Option to move stacks of items into storage
    • Sort functions
  • Being able to "tag" areas of interest (i.e. a juice box) on the Map to set a waypoint or marker for slightly easier navigation, but then disappears once you get to it.  
  • Adding a basic compass marker to SCA.B HUD/UI 
    • Currently very easy to get lost as the biomes are visually mostly the same in the majority of the map, and large defining structures (i.e. Oak Tree) aren't always visible.
  • Option to slide by pressing crouch while sprinting, or to roll by double clicking crouch while moving (would be helpful for dodging bug attacks)
  • Option to clamber up small heights by pressing or holding the jump button (this has become such a staple in games now that it just feels missing here)
  • Ability to interact with "friendly" insects
    • Petting Ants are a must, and feeding them food
    • Option to "tame" temporarily Ladybugs and Ants to help you harvest or get somewhere
  • Item/Equipment Requests
    • Slingshot with different ammo types - rock, multi-shot, AOE effect shots (smoke bomb, sap trap, diversion lure)
    • Bug Net - to capture Gnats and Aphids
    • Shield - (alternative form of blocking)
    • Healing Ointment - for immediate health recovery instead of recovery-over-time like the Bandage
    • Baitball (Lure? - haven't tested those yet so unsure if this already exists) - throwable consumable that attracts predators so that you can escape/sneak past 
    • Crossbow - for more damage but slower rate of fire, and as optional "Zipline" alternative ammo type
    • Zipline - for quick traversal of the environment from height
  • Bug Types for the future - praying mantis, caterpillars, fireflies, bees/hornets, 
    • Or  other animals that act as "world-events" - frogs, birds, snakes
  • Building controls are a little wonky with the controller and how structures snap to build points, in that walls don't always align with each other or doors, or can float  above the ground leaving gaps.

Also, small observation - there are currently 4 characters, but when you first spawn into the world the canister with the body cutouts has 5 spots...is there going to be a 5th character, or option to "create your own" in a limited sense?

I think that is it for now.  As stated above, loving the game so far, and looking forward to see how it develops.  Thank you Obsidian. 

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I am currently playing and am finding it difficult to obtain enough raw science to purchase anything at oak lab which is preventing me from being able to properly build any semblance of a base. I feel like lowering the cost of multi-level base to 400-500 rs so its easier to gain access floor bluebrints sooner

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8 minutes ago, Kiobito said:

I am currently playing and am finding it difficult to obtain enough raw science to purchase anything at oak lab which is preventing me from being able to properly build any semblance of a base. I feel like lowering the cost of multi-level base to 400-500 rs so its easier to gain access floor bluebrints sooner

If you complete the missions, find and Analyze all the items, you should receive enough to unlock most things so far.  

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Another idea that came to mind, similar to how the Armor once equipped shouldn't take up inventory space, is that items equipped to your Hotpouch also shouldn't, as inventory space is already at such a premium given how low stack counts are and the types of materials available, and equipment/tools/consumables "necessary" to have on you at all times

Again, this would be similar to how inventory functions in Minecraft.

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I know its been expressed and suggestion literally everywhere but character customization much down the development line for non-story, survival sandbox playthrough would be nice. Utilize the pre-existing four character voices for generic 'grunts', "oofs" and actions that require sound bytes that can use the already existing voice work would be development and cost effective. Cosmetic options as unlocks for milestones achieved and even (dare I say it) cosmetic micro-transactions (akin to Borderlands 2) would be cool. 

I'm also glad to see suggestions here for what is basically character sheet slots that armor would go into so it doesn't take up inventory space. 

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Yet another suggestion, adding the names for the areas/regions to the Map as you discover them, like Grasslands, The Oak Tree, and Spade Gulch. While the size of the overall map isn't very large, would be helpful for orientation and planning.

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I agree with what you said but after play with friends i have found that the grass blades when in the ground make you rubber band a lot. Now you don't go all over the map but a small area or you cant jump over them or walk over them. The ability to move items like storage baskets or work benches after building them would be a nice touch. something to distract bugs would be useful. when ever we  built walls some of them sunk into the ground, I do not know if this was the game or friends so I don't know. All around i very much enjoyed the game and my friends did to. We all look forward to playing the game in the future. thanks Obsidian.


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Hey guys!

First off, great game! My kids love the game. Too bad there's no single player splitscreen. My kids have said they would love to see different things In the game.


 bees, hornets, prey mantis, butterflies, tarantulas, snakes and lizards lol. Also they said maybe keep some as pets or gaurdians to help you as you explore and navigate the area.


More variety of base armor and weapon armor. Glider(wings from flying creatures) to glide from a high place over the area to make it easier to travel across the map

 Slingshots , crossbows.  Acorn bb gun. Pebble gg gun etc

 Either way just thought sharing this info coming from their view point as a player. As a dad watching them play is entertaining. Again keep up the good work obsidian team and I am looking forward to what more content you guys got up your sleeve!!! Thank you.

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Enemies are ridiculously over tuned, even on mild  they take too many hits and can nuke off too much hp even with what should be appropriate armor,

change arrows to have a quiver item that they stack on so that we can auto collect arrows by running over them,

make it so if a  recipe calls for woven fibers it can be crafted for 3x that cost in normal fiber, to avoid needing to make woven fiber all the time,

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Some good ideas there @KnightX13

The random players joining is an issue at the moment. I posted elsewhere on the forum about this as I’ve had some negative experiences with this; from destroying my base to stealing items and login out with them in their backpack. I know multiplayer is an area they’re working on and some things I’d like to see are:

  • A more obvious notification when players join/leave. 
  • Invite only option
  • Control/limit what players can do. For example: Can’t place/remove blueprints but can build ones already placed. Lock mannequin so can’t remove armor on them.
  • List previous players who visited your world & if they are holding items. Have an option to drop their backpack, this way you can reclaim their items. Could have a designated area (first spawn location) where you can collect these backpacks.

Radial menu needs more options. There currently aren't enough slots and I find myself constantly bringing up my inventory just to select the right tool. Having an option to click/cycle through tools would be much appreciated.

Equipped items not taking up a slot in the backpack is a gimmie and I believe was addressed by the devs in a recent interview.

I’d also like to see dandelion tufts auto assigned when one runs out if you have another in your backpack like other tools do. Lost count the amount of times I’ve died or taken damage due to this not happening. 

Not won over by the tame idea but if it's temporary I could live with it. For example, you have to keep feeding a bug to keep it tamed but after a while it gets full and wonders off.

This leads onto the idea of being able to gift items you're holding. Whether this is to feed a bug or pass an item to a friend. At the moment you need to place an item in a chest or drop on the floor. 

Having loads of loose items, like cut grass, in the world has caused some lag issues. I’d love to see the world deal with this by removing items after a set time. For example:

  • Grass that’s been on the ground will slowly turn to dry grass and eventually fade away after a few days.
  • Food items will be collected by ants (or other bugs) or fade away after a set time. 

On you net idea, I find wearing a gas mask & firing a gas arrow into the ground deals with wee bugs pretty easily. Also, immediate health recovery can be achieved with smoothies, so feel this has been addressed. Get yourself a smoothie maker 😁


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