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So how come you can't view your character in 3rd person unless you go into a certain menue.


This should be changed to allow us to play in 3rd person I'm getting this game in the mail soon but due to finding this out I may not even try playing it.


I hate to say this but why no 3rd person that was a very stupid idea unless your includeing it when mods come out.


2nd question I don't think you should allow pc to mod the game if consoles don't get the same mods it's unfair that pc gets nudeity sex and other things when consoles don't 


I think you should Ethier make all mods equal or no adult stuff pierod for Ethier consoles or pc.

And even take legal action if a mod is ported that consoles can't have keep it equal and fair.


Or tell Microsoft to suck it and make adult mods available to xbox,ps4.


Beacuse adult mods when modding is allowed will be created and when they are consoles will be outraged that they can't have them so please unlike Bethesda fix this issue before it starts.

And allow console to have adult mods within reason.


Same for pc adult mods within reason keep it equal and fair



And 3rdly when will mods come out.


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I answered both your questions on the other thread you made on exactly the same subject. Please, read one before repeating yourself. 

Having a character model and making the game playable in 3rd person are two different things. It's not just the case of moving the camera to a different place - it's would take a big amount of work to impliment it, and it seems more then Obsidian could spent for this game. It is that way, because team working on OW1 is still farily modest for that kind of projects and it's the first game in the series. Making new game from scratch takes far more work then making the sequel. It's possible that in OW2, they will be able to accomodate it. 

OW doesn't have official mod support. Even so, people can create simple mods for it, it seems. Nature of PC gaming. Consoles can't do it, because they are consoles. It's closed and controlled enviroment. It comes with its boons, but in the end consoles are consoles and PCs are PCs - it's less flexible experience.

Also if you want **** there are better ways to find those then Outer Worlds mods. 

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