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throw lightsaber- enemy catches it?

What do think think of this idea?  

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  1. 1. What do think think of this idea?

    • Whoa, how do you just keep coming up with these amazing ideas? Count me in!
    • It's a really nice thought, but I don't think this one will work. Maybe next time.
    • [Persuade/Threaten] Shut up before I rip your jaw from your mouth and have you look like Malak.

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Well, think that's a possibility if the enemy jedi has more force power than you? Maybe you can make it so that you can put a small bomb in your lightsaber, and when the enemy catches it, it blows up in his hand. It'll make an expensive one-time use bomb, though. Just make sure it ain't your main lightsaber. You'll have to take all the crystals out of it before you use it as such, I guess. Or put a "stun crystal" in the lightsaber, so if anybody else but you is holding the lightsaber, it shocks them.

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I like the idea of them possibly being able to catch it but the bomb/stun thing is far-fetched. Or they could possibly use a force push type of move to possibly counter and send it back at you and do damage or a cancel-out type of effect on it. But that might even be a bit far-fetched.

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Yet another cracking topic! post-1139-1093861044.gif

Another great idea by the people who brought you beer milkshakes!


"I don't see a problem...then again, SW isn't my life, so what do I know...." - some who makes 27.8 post per day on a SW forum!

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Catching a lightsaber isn't like catching a boomerang.

If you grab the wrong end of a lightsaber it will cut your hand off. ;)


And since all the Sith in the game are right-handed, it would be hard to catch it with their off-hand.


And what about those with 2 lightsabers. How are they suppost to catch it? With their mouth :blink:


Actually, maybe thats what happened to Malak. The secret is revealed at last. :D

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