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The Archmage's Vault - Who to give the tablet to?

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So I looted Arkemyr's Vault and stole liberated the Harapo Epic. Now who do I give it to? From the wiki it looks like I get the same amount of money from either Tumara or Netehe. One is a Rauatai, and I expect that if I give it to her it will give me a bonus to the Deadfire Company's disposition to me. The other is a Huana, and I suppose that will make the Queen more kindly disposed to me. Is that all? Or does going one way or the other close any quests off to me?

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It is like you assume. And you won't lock yourself out of anything.

I would still give the tablet to the faction you like better and plan to support (if you want to support Huana or RDC in the first place).

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You will gain a large amount of rep with the faction you give the tablet to. Also of note is that if you choose to talk to the other lady (the one you didn't give the epic to) afterwards you will lose a large chunk of rep. This can be prevented by simply not talking to her.

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