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I don't really understand what's happening there. Why is the game skipping the enemies' turns (or not ending your turn)?

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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I'm not sure if I 100% understand WHY this works, but I can tell you how it works and why i THINK it works.

You might remember from the Ultimate thread that people used this to not get interrupted while casting, you hover the mouse over delay turn and then press the hotkey for ending your turn, somehow the game assigns you the initiative you would get if you actually delayed your turn.

(which is at the end of the current turn)

Now if at the start of the fight you actually delay a turn AND all enemies are in the range they wanna stay in to attack you (this is important, enemies moving around will break the glitch), from now on your initiative will stay at the end of the turn unless you do something to change it (moving around oneself is one of these things and obviously doing a non cast full round action is another).

Now if your initiative is at the end of the turn you cannot delay the turn further and the button will actually be greyed out, but if you cast your spell and instead of simply ending your turn hover the mouse over the delay button while ending the turn via hotkey, you will immediately cast your spell and immediately get another turn.

As shown this can be an almost endless loop in which time actually stops, you can have so many dots on the ground that the game will lag more and more (didn't realise that in my first recording thats why it got laggier and laggier), so you have to be careful to only cast one chill fog etc.

Eventually the loop will break. don't ask me why, haven't figured that out yet, and as you saw at the end of the video I also haven't figured out how to reenable it perfectly (one enemy kept their turn the others still lost it tho).


edit: btw if one was to cast ground dots endlessly the loop seems less likely to break, the game just becomes unplayable after a while and dots only apply their first tick not for the next rounds cuz time is frozen, if with a lot of dots on the ground you intentionally stop the loop the enemies will take all the damage of the non passed turns at once, which is especially hilarious with combusting wounds.

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