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Antialiasing not working properly? Windows look jagged



Hi everyone,

while I am quite happy with the overall looks of the game (quite impressed actually), some parts of the background renders look a lot worse than the rest. One thing that really stands out negatively are windows for instance (see attached image, taken at highest in-game zoom at the VTC headquarters in Neketaka). However, some other objects like the table and chair in the image also look quite bad - very much in contrast to the rest of the image and the character models. Shadows also look quite jagged (with high quality shadows enabled).

I have played around with graphics settings - especially antialiasing - but to no avail (changing antialiasing settings in game seems to have no visible effect, at least in still images). This image was taken with all graphics settings at maximum (FXAA enabled, 4 samples, everything else at max).

Is this just how these details look in the game (which would ultimately be fine - the game looks great overall) or is something wrong with my graphics settings (e.g. my Radeon graphics card overriding some settings)? I am on the most recent patch with all DLCs (edit: it just occurred to me that I should probably add: the game is running on Windows 10 via Steam).

Thanks for your help!


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