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Question about using Console Commands in a Quest - please help!

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first of all I want to thank Obsidian for such a wonderful game, I'm enjoying it and I think the story and lore is great.

I have a question regarding the use of commands to advance in a specific quest. The quest is 'The Hunting Season' https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Hunting_Season.

It turns out that the Royal Deadfire Company (RDC) wants me to kill the Druids of the Island of Sayuka. I do not want to, I would like to let them live and go against the RDC. But, it seems that the related dialogue option is only available in case you obtained the 'Nature's Mark', granted by the Green Lady in Motare o Kōzi, or in case you are a Druid, Ranger or Nature godlike. None of these are my cases ( I did not know I could heal the Rotten Lady :( when I did the quest ).

Therefore, I would like to auto-advance the quest to the point where the Druids tell me to go kill Fleet Master Okaya. I have been trying for hours to do this with commands, but I am not able to. According to the wiki, to trigger an addendum to a quest the command is:

 questId Guid (Quest)
 addendumID Int32

Where the questId and the addendumID seem to be 15_QST_Hunting_Season and 20000 (https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Hunting_Season) :

Quest ID


5 Find and kill the druid leaders.
10005 When I arrived at Bentbranch Bog, I discovered that the soldiers Fleet Master Okaya sent were slaughtered by the druids.

Killing the druid leaders should put an end to their conflict with the Royal Deadfire Company in Sayuka.

20000 The druids told me their attacks on Sayuka won't end until Fleet Master Okaya is dead. I could kill her myself, but if I do, I'll become an enemy of the Royal Deadfire Company for good.


I write TriggerQuestAddendum 15_QST_Hunting_Season 20000, but it does not work form me. (I write IRoll20s, of course, and the cheats are enabled, other cheats work for me).

So the question is: what am I doing wrong??

If I just advance the quest with DebugAdvanceQuest 15_QST_Hunting_Season, it works, but it does not follow the 'peaceful' path, it takes the 'killing druids' path.

Another option would be to grant myself the 'Nature's Mark' with commands, or temporally shift to a Druid/Ranger/Godlike character, but I do not know how to do that with the console.


Thank you very much in advance for your help. I feel very dumb for not being able to do such a simple thing.


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I tried to execute the command to advance the quest and tried to autocomplete with the tab key. That way you avoid typos. But I get an "ArgumentOutOfRange" exception. 🤷‍♂️

I don't know the ID of that special "Nature's Mark" passive (or is it a boon?). Else I could tell you how to add it with the normal console commands. I searched for it with "FindGameData" but couldn't find anything that fits (nothing that's named Nature's Mark - besides the obvious spells).

However, you can shortly just change your race to nature godlike by using

SetPlayerRace Godlike NatureGodlike 

That will chance your race to Nature Godlike. You won't see a difference at first, your character model will not change. But you will lose your headgear slot. If something's in it it will be put into the stash, but in that case your character's head will be invisible (because the game wants to reload a nature godlike head without headgear - one that fits your non-nature-godlike body model - which of course doesn't exist). Better to take off the headgear first, then change the race - which should unlock the dialogue option.

When the dialogue is finished just use the same command to set your race back to what it was. Human would be something like

SetPlayerRace Human SavannahHuman


You can use the tab key to autocomplete commands and parameters. So if you don't know the exact names you just guess it starts with "H" and then hit tab. You can then cycle through all options that start with "H" with the tab key.

Hope it works.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Thanks a lot Boeroer, it worked fantastically, just as you -very well- explained !!

I also got the ArgumentOutOfRange exception, that's why I thought I was doing something wrong.

I also looked for the "Nature's Mark" passive/boon but I did not find it, perhaps it is just an addendum/internal game value which is not shown to the player, since it seems it is not shown in the character window (at least this is what one player reported).

Anyway, I'm happy now. Thanks again! :)

PS: AeonsLegend, thanks for your reply as well. 


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I tried Unity Console just now, and it works perfectly as well, you are right. I didn't know this tool before. I enabled 'Dialogue debug mode' and when talking to the Druids, all the dialogue options are available, regardless of the race/quests/stats etc (and it seems it avoids disabling the achievements, I have to investigate it further). So thanks! In the future I'll use it in case I find a similar problem.

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