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Ability / Status / Affliction Effect IDs

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Working on a mod and ran into a road block.

Looking for the identifier for the following items which I cannot seem to locate. Seems like when these are active they cause a negative ability on the player / enemy to scale up 1 level. Example if the player has Weakness: Constitution Afflictions and is hit by an attack that causes weakened, that attack will be strengthened and cause Enfeebled.  Combat log doesnt really show what the scale exactly is it just says xxx strengthened by weakness:xxx


Not sure if these are status / affliction / abilities but I cannot find the identifiers for them.

Weakness: Intellect Afflictions

Weakness: Might Afflictions

Weakness Constitution Afflictions


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They seem to be added to creatures as Abilities by their respective progression tables:

general_weaknesses_charm (Weakness: Int)
general_weaknesses_sicken (Weakness: Con)

But Weakness: Might seems to be straight up missing...

There's no Status Effect in the game with fitting parameters* besides LAX03_Spider_Swarm_Weakness_Body_SE_Dazed.
*StatusEffectType: "AfflictionResistance", BaseVal: -1, AfflictionTypeID: "fda623d6-29a2-4e02-be6a-25c332ff194f" (AFT_Might)

There's not even any "Weakness: Might Affliction" in the stringtables... Is it true that there's not a single enemy in the game that is weak to Might!?
Weakness: Resolve is also missing...

aad057e7-a4f6-4392-922b-00b097b3aa8c	general_weaknesses_charm
76a41789-0f04-4e83-b3f7-f5efc143e074	general_weaknesses_distract
c3512e00-ed99-4821-86fe-55fa385fa427	general_weaknesses_sicken
f7ba9071-3ca1-4abe-aacf-62058d812730	general_weaknesses_slow

6c50e41a-1f63-4736-b13c-481cdbfefaef	General_Immunities_Body_Afflictions
706fe17a-3767-44ee-b1d5-3933e9b41fab	General_Immunities_Mind_Afflictions
da0ddb04-d84a-4c99-87c6-5ebfedf2484a	general_immunities_charm
2dab643a-704d-4aa1-9b99-af8f6b63d186	general_immunities_distract
95f6f387-05e5-4767-a500-40a0c3aaa591	general_immunities_fear
0ffa5836-3a1e-4688-9c84-aff155fb8e0d	general_immunities_sicken
2b44d78a-65c4-4dcf-9737-87cd3b7af4d2	general_immunities_slow
75d5e415-dec6-48b5-825c-3c45383fc51e	general_immunities_stun

38b85dee-c6cf-4191-aee2-acde31ad299b	General_Resistances_Body_Afflictions
91d9f57d-3528-4e13-a9b9-0cf00706fb11	General_Resistances_Mind_Afflictions
5893faab-f686-4279-af08-d29f11a7523d	general_resistances_charm
ee88e67b-836e-4d12-a433-88eb273b5f3a	general_resistances_distract
2135de60-7cda-40ee-9040-9e8e23aa6b4e	general_resistances_fear
42208dea-5144-43e1-bc69-163c7331abb5	general_resistances_sicken
0d0ba4be-64ba-4c68-bf3e-a069ad930515	general_resistances_slow
6b1fee65-6d1c-49f6-8cbe-fab7573898a2	general_resistances_stun
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Thanks! I was able to find these in the statuseffects bundle  and I don't see might or resolve either I did find these I did find immunities but they are tied to destructibles but may be of use for my purposes.

DebugName": "Destructibles_Immunity_Afflictions_Inspirations_SE_MIG_InspirationImmunity",
            "ID": "31b17862-ec41-4bd5-8462-9fab5960ead7",


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