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I was considering trying out a run with a devoted/nalpazca brawler as my main character. I know that brawlers were OP before the nerfs to cleaving stance/swift flurry/heartbeat drumming, but I thought that the increased crits and crit damage from the devoted side would synergize nicely with swift flurry and heartbeat drumming despite the nerfs. I also like Nalpazca as the monk subclass as the drug boosts add color and a versatile range of buffs along with the steady stream of wounds. The fighter multiclass also adds survivability and defense, making it worthwhile to take Dance of Death so long as you're using Tuotilo's palm in the off hand. My question is, do these pluses outweigh the major minus of losing access to level 8 and 9 monk abilities? Losing access to Resonant Touch, WotW, and Inner Death makes me hesitate. However, since you wouldn't gain access to these abilities until level 17 anyway, it seems like a devoted/nalpazca brawler would be more powerful for most of the game. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, are Rooting Pain and Flagellant's Path worth it? The latter was great in POE 1, but I am underwhelmed by the ability's description in POE2; 5-10 crush damage is hardly "terrible crush damage."

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To be honest: not much balances out the loss of Resonant Touch + Whispers of the Wind (and also Razor's Edge in this case). 

But as you said that comes pretty late and it's reasonable to trade some late game "oomph" for a more interesting early to mid game (build-wise).

What you said still works very well. Swift Flurry/Heartbeat drumming doesn't work well on high defense foes, but like Mob Stance it's great against... well... mobs. :)

I once again recommend Morning Star + modal since you can turn Force of Anguish and Clear Out (both target Fortitude) into beastly crit generators against certain enemies (everything that hasn't stellar fortitude) - and against the others it helps your teammate land their fort-targeting spells. Use Enervating Blows + Stunning Surge or Charge or Raised Torment for even more fortitude debuffing --> leading to Swift Flurry/Heartbeat Drumming cascades. 

But other weapon types also work of course. I'd only make sure they are not crush-only -  because you'll always have your fists as crushing backup. 

Something to consider: Whispers of the Endless Path's Offensive Parry triggers both Heartbeat Drumming/Swift Flurry and Cleaving Stance (if it kills of course). In this special case I would also consider Shattered Pillar instead of Nalpasca (which is a nice subclass) because Offensive Parry also generates wounds for Shattered Pillars...

Rooting Pain is good for a melee Monk who spends/gains wounds often, Flagellant's Path is ok-ish with normal melee weapons but great with mortars and rods + blast or Spirit Lance (which you all won't use I reckon).


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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Thanks for the advice, Boeroer. I think I will go with the single class Nalpazca monk in this run. I will use fists as I prefer this style for monks. However, I will create a Witch companion who will wield a morning star. I only wish there were more morning starts in the game! Per your advice, this is one of my favorite multiclasses. And since many monk abilities target fortitude, this will be a great companion for my monk MC.



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