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I decided on this build because I really like the flair of it. I use the Tobadour/Assassin

On the chanter tree I used as a starting ability the one which weakens armor by 2, thus giving me more benefits from penetrations. I still dont exactly know what the linger effect actualy means, but I am merely lvl 6 and have access to my Powr Level 2 skills. The only other active ability on my Chanter tree is the one which summons Wurms, which were really helpful defeating Benweth in the command office.

All the rest I put in passive abilities, 2 weapon style, and stride.

The Rogue abilities are Escape, Smoke Veil, Crippling Strike, & Backstab.

My game plan is pretty much to let someone initiate combat, summon my 3 friends, stay in sneak mode as long as possible, flank or "backstab" anyone who dares to approach my contempaltive Xoti in melee. Smoke Veil away, summon Wurms... 

I just feel like my character is just too weak in general especially against higher lvl opponets. The scepter as a default weapon specialisation doesnt seem to fit so well. Even though I have no specialization in Arbalest, it just seems to be more powerful than dual wielding scepters, lol, just ridiculous. 

I'm in Nekata now, and this Imp Admiral, or rather those ****ing skirmishers, chanter are such pain in the ass. I dont know how hard it was on realease, but playing on veteran he is supported by 2 champions who absolutely just outtank Edér, or worse, ignore him and go fur Aloth and Xoti; 2-3 skirmishers, and 2 priests, who spam debuffs and buffs in ridiculous rates.


Whats your thoughts on this build so far and how can I improve it, especially on higher lvls to come?

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Unless someone points me to it I can't see particularly good synergies with a Troubadour/Assassin. 

Dual Scepters have higher dps than an Arbalest, especially with the modal. You could pick Ancient Memory as phrase to counter the self damage of the scepters' modal. However, Backstab and Assassinate favor heavy hitting weapons, not necessarily dps weapons. So yeah - an Arbalest is better for those attacks from stealth than scepters. You need a weapon with high base damage. THe higher the better. Best weapon for Backstab/Assassinate is Dragon's Dowry (which is a unique Arquebus). I would pick the Mith Fyr chant. It's not doing any attack rolls (so it won't break invisibility) it supports all your damage dealing party members and it is great for your Backstab/Assassinate attacks.  


Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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