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I really like Soulblade/Trickster with Whispers of the Endless Paths. With Borrowed Instincts + Mirrored Images (which stack) you'll have plenty of defecltion to trigger Offensive Parry and Riposte which will generat focus while you are recovering and you can then apply the cumulated focus with Soul Annihilation in an AoE. You can combine this with Nomad's Brigandine which can turn Disengagement attacks against you into 100% misses with the enchantment "Tactical Withdraw": Just disengage for free damage and focus via Offensive Parry and sometimes Riposte. Gipon Prudensco has the same enchantment available. It also has another one which makes you immune to flanking (bad for a Streetfighter but good for a Trickster). But it's mutually exclusive with th disengagement enchantment. At the same time another enchantment of it lets you gain +1 deflection and +2 Reflex every time you get hit (stacks to +10/+20). I usually pick Nomad's Brigandine because it has better AR and is easy to get. 

Not a great concept for Soulblade/Streetfighter though since the deflection in general would be too low. Here I would go for Sun and Moon etc. like Kaylon saidf. It's a nice combo.

Also in the early game it happens very often that you miss your Soul Annihilation due to a lack of ACC buffs and rel. low ACC/enemies' Deflection ratio. A one handed Rapier + modal (=+37 ACC!) helps a lot to land those important SA-hits until you can get some more ACC and/or the flail and the shield.  

By the way, talking about shields: there's a large shield named Shining Bulwark that gives you +10 deflection against flanking attacks (basically negating the deflection malus without lifting the affliction itself). If you combine it with the Pale Hide (+8 deflection while flanked) you can have the equivalent of +18 deflection while flanked and still triggering the passive of the Streetfighter. Of course both items look ****ty together and well: it's a large shield - so not really a massive focus on dps. You can also use Nomad's Brigandine (can have +10 deflection against melee attacks if you don't leave your party members) or Casita Samelia's Legacy (~+10 deflection via Intimidate) or Gipon Prudensco (up to +10 deflection after some hits). Once you get some ACC buffs and Sun & Moon it works well with the primary attack of Soul Annihilation and you'll be quite tanky (for a flanked Streetfighter).

Coming bacl to Shadowdancer: there's the flail Sungrazer which has an enchantmet that triggers if you kill with a crit and does pretty substancial AoE dmg then. Usually it's hard to trigger because how do you want to ensure that you are killing with a crit. But a Shadowdancer (or any Monk) can combine Swift Flurry/Heartbeat Drumming with it. Usually, when those proc it's a kill. And usually it's a crit-kill. So compared to other classes it's rel. easy to proc it. You can use it with One Handed Style + Dirty Fighting in order to maximize procs. Streetfighter has short recovery anyways while flanked so you get decent attack speed as well. It's not superreliable (you can't trigger it willingly) but really great fun and a great mob clearer. Its even good with a Shattered Pillar because you can use autoattacks mostly (which generate wounds quickly as Shadowdancer).  :)


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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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On 4/17/2020 at 4:19 PM, Boeroer said:

There's so much more, like dual mortar SC Helwalker (WotW + Resonant Touch), Scordeo's Edge/Fire in the Hole SC Stalker (Whirling Strikes), dual mortar SC Streetfighter (Vanishing Strikes + Gambit), SC Furyshaper (Blood Ward + DoTs), Heralds in general, SC Stormspeaker (or SC Fury) with dual mortars and Avenging Storm (Blinding Smoke triggers Avenging Storm), Berserker with Grave Calling and a Beckoner friend (killing Beckoner's Skeletons procs Chilling Grave) and whatnot. Depends on the party and how long you can wait until the build fulfills its potential. 

One can't simply name like "5 best builds" for a party in general. 

I made a post about a dual gun user. I think you may of answered it in this thread.  But as I'm a newbie I'm still confused how to build it. Could you advise your recommended setup

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