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Pallegina leaves after siding with Principi in the endgame quest A Dance with Death


Hi. A Dance with Death is one of the pre-endgame quests. Completing it means that you chose to side with the Principi as a means to travel to Ukaizo for the last quest of the game.

The problem is: I obtained The Floating Hangman and reported this to Aeldys in Dunnage. Moments after leaving Dunnage and into the sea, I receive a letter from Pallegina stating that she leaves the company because I did something wrong for The Vailian Trading Company. However, I've got good reputation with both Pallegina and Vailian Trading Company.

Is this a bug? This game behaviour is not listed in the official guide on gamepedia in the desription of A Dance with Death quest which make me think this is a bug.

I've got the latest GOG version of the game with all DLCs.

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I play almost exclusively with mercs, and I usually get bored of playthroughs before Ukaizo, so I can't speak for what permanently upsets this or that party member.

Note however, that you didn't merely choose to ride to Ukaizo on a ghost ship. You ceded the island to Aeldys. You practically said, Huana aren't getting it, VTC aren't getting it, RDC aren't getting it, Aeldys is. Choosing your means of getting to Ukaizo is a big decision.

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Pallegina will leave permanently if the player sides with the Huana during The Coming Storm and Pallegina is in the player's active group (the queen asks her to leave) or if the player frames the director on the fire at the powderhouse (by taking the quest from the director but frame him/her in the hearing at the palace).

Did any of that?

Dance with Death is a prereq for starting The Coming Storm. I think you can still switch sides after that...

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