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Tyranny for Multi-Platforms?


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hi there, all. after seeing pillars of eternty release for ps4 to slight fulfillment, would it not be reasonable to wager that tyranny will also get a multi platform port? i do not have a hassle with steam video games, however i exploit my macbook a fantastic deal for my paintings as an artist, and i'm concerned approximately overworking my computer and in all likelihood hindering its lifestyles with such a high upkeep game like those of obsidian's.

if anyone has any revel in with poe on ps4 and will vouch for the playability in assessment to computer playability, i'd respect it. i just surely wanna get into this game and would really like a piece of insight from this network int he depend. thank you

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Tyranny is an amended version of XBOX ONE launch title Stormlands which got cancelled.

So we could expect that Obsidian will be making a spiritual successor for Tyranny and it could be multi platform (XBOX & PC).

But I don't think it could be isometric as it didn't do well, a 1st/3rd person game could be a possibility.  

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