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[1] Numbers next to Dialogue options on Console

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[1]  since patch 1.02, all dialogue has numbers before each choice like on PC

[2] While not game breaking, it is super jarring, having not been there in the previous dozens of hours.

[3] Not sure if intentional or a bug, but it showed up immediately after 1.02 and is definitely the PC dialogue interface on Xbox One

[4] (Engineering) I may have just toggled something by accident, an option perhaps? Or it might just need a fix.

[5] I'll keep an eye out, but I'd like to know if anyone else has either experienced, or noticed this.

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Yep same issue on my Xbox One. All dialog options now have a bulleted number visible in front of them. A bit odd but doesn't seem to have an effect on game play. This is my second run through so as long as I can finish Parvati's quest line this time I'll be happy with the patch. At low levels it's difficult keeping her from getting knocked down in combat, and I cannot send her to the ship until I clear the power plant.

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