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I had to share this.  This is probably a bug, but it was (sadly) hilarious and actually kind of realistic.  Playing in Supernova, Nyoka died minutes after joining as a companion by falling off the landing pad, elevator platform, at maximum height, at Stellar Bay, as I was escorting her back to the Unreliable.  I just heard a scream and crash behind me, as I walked off the platform toward the ship gangway, assuming that she was following, and she was lying at the base of the platform.  I suspect she never really got onto the platform and was just kind of hanging in the air, as it was going up, and just fell as soon as it reached the top.  If anyone wants to try to replicate it, she was my only companion at the time and I stood by the control box, facing the ship, on the way up and did not look back at her, then walked straight toward the ship once it reached the top.  Well, she was inebriated, some caffenoid pills notwithstanding. Haha.

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On 11/22/2019 at 10:54 PM, Mushashi7 said:

I thought Nyoka was labeled 'essential' and not able to die?

Your companions can die on super nova difficulty.

Nyoka definitely seems to have problems with heights while traveling with her and Max she kept falling while I was getting the science weapon in the monarch lab.  I will only play on hard as I find the restrictions with SN just an annoyance instead of adding to the game, so she popped up after I left the lab but she must of fallen at least 3 times while I was jumping on to the platforms.

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