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I know there might be some threads on this already but i cant find them at the top. I have been experiencing crashes when exiting the ship and after talking to someone and using the inventory after. I will share a clip from my stream of one leaving the ship. There are more on my streams as well. I've also heard of the crashes at the last door when trying to complete the game. This being said i really love the game but its just a bummer i cant continue. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it didn't help. The following clip is for Byzantium but it also has happened on Edgewater and Harlows base.

All these reports come from playing it on PC through windows.



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Hey everyone,

Sorry for the delay, but I was curious if the last patch ended up fixing the crashing issues.  Though the main focus was to fix the end of the game crash, it should have resolved much of the mid game crashes as well.

Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience all the crashes caused.

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