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You can defeat the family, it may not be particularly easy but... Have you tried starting with the daughter in the upstairs hallway?

Worst case scenario lower the difficulty, it sounds like you're probably playing in Supernova though so that could be discouraging. Do you really not have any manual saves? How could you possibly not have the autosave before you entered their house? Autosaves should generate three saves, and honestly none of them should be inside the house because they should only generate when you enter the house.

I did have several saves overwrite my saves while I was alt tabbed in Supernova earlier today, but AFAIK that was just because I was in my ship so I could save at any time so it autosaved on a timer...

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Actually I'm playing at the easiest level.  I only have auto saves and they are all in the house.  I've tried killing the daughter first,  I've tried picking the guys pocket for a key.  But he attacks me before I can get it.  

I really don't see how I can defeat them.  

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I think there's also a door that leads outside on the second floor. It might need you to lockpick it though. 

Remember to use your TTD to inflict things like cripples and knockdowns so that you can retreat and heal without them following you too quickly, or to get some free damage. You can blind them so they miss more often too. I would suggest using a rapid fire gun when you do it though because they take less of your meter per shot, so you can inflict more statuses to more enemies that way. 

You can also load up your inhaler with all sorts of buffs, eat food, drink drinks and then have a whole lot of bonuses going into the fight. 

If you've got companions with you then remember to use their abilities too. 

All else fails you can try running past them and getting out the door before they can kill you. Though if you are on hard or supernova difficulty then that might not be possible. Maybe TTD blind them all (it has a small stagger effect too) then leave? 

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Are you doing it solo or with companions?

Also, what is the weapon load-out?


I could have had the same problem, but I improvised with my heavy weapons plasma cannon, blew a 1,000 DMG dead in the center of the family, killing off the kids one-hit, I also think the wife maybe(?), while the father was quickly weakened by that hit allowing my companions to finish him off in 1 second.


I did this in TTD while backing up to avoid as much damage as possible, since they get the jump on you.

That was my second try, luckily, on Supernova. They are crazy strong, specifically the father though.

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It's always a good idea to keep hard saves in safe places, because you may lose as much as a few hours effort, but replaying sections is better than having to restart entirely.

Good luck on the rest of the run, that fight is a pretty difficult one for sure. I'd have done better if I could have laid about a dozen mines all over their dining room. I waited so long for them to finish cooking and serve me a meal before deciding that I was meant to kill them. I was annoyed because I was like 80 persuasion and couldn't talk my way out of their house, really wished for better lockpick skill at that moment.

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