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Need IRON MAN mode....would be awesome

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Sorry but Supernova is a bit too easy i always have soooo much ammo...although I confess I do savescum when my companions die.  I think it would be really fun for an iron man mode...however, leave in just a tiny bit of leniency for companions  such as before they die permanently, you have a small window of time to revive them - 


For Iron Man mode-  no  reloading to go backwards.   game uses one constant save only. 

less ammo is found in the world... 

stealing is more risky (might make things interesting....)...OR not stealing is more rewarding..... 

COMPANIONS IN IRON MAN MODE:  first time a companion falls they are unconscious...you can revive them if you act quickly within Y seconds.  If they fall unconscious again after X seconds, they die permanently.



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I agree wholeheartedly!  This would be amazing. 

And just so you know there is a perk in tier 3 (iirc) that does allow you to heal them back up if you act quick enough.  It is called "Don't Go Dyin' On Me!"  I have used it 3 times this play though to save Parvati.


It would be nice if in Iron Man they made flaws non optional and made the skills individually purchased starting at level 1 instead of 50.  That would be a mode I would play until the cows came home (or until TOW2).

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