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Can I fly a ship? Or how does travel work?

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12 hours ago, Clawdius_Talonious said:

You don't fly the ship manually, there's an autopilot, you select destination planets or what have you on a map, and then if it's a large enough location like a planet or moon you may have to select a particular landing pad you have a navkey for.


12 hours ago, RobbedofLife said:

You can fly the ship once in the game but i can't go further into detail cause of spoilers. Just know you can fly it once >:)

Thank you very much for letting me know. :)

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12 minutes ago, Merzhinhudour said:

You've just spoiled us :(. I should never have read this. Now gonna need to call Sam to clean my memory.

Asking about Flying is not really a spoiler. That's a gameplay mechanic. Spoilers are anything that ruins the story and such.

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