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[Feature Request] "Stash" on ship connected to workbench.

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It would be nice if you could just dump all of your mods, armor, and weapons collected while adventuring in a central location ( your ship).   When you want to modify, equip,  or break down gear,  it can pull from your ship's stash, while you use the ship's workbench.    This is the same functionality seen in Diablo 3, for example.   I think Fallout 4 may have had it as well.  

Additionally, it would be nice to have a quick - "deposit all items" button.  Also a "tinker to max" option.

The stash having additional filters for quality would be nice as well.


Right now the mod stuff is neat - but inventory management is kind of tedious.  


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Inventory management isn't the worse I have seen but is usually one of the things that can be improved/changed in most games.  I think it is kind of a trap developers fall into while building a game they get things functioning inventory wise then move on to develop new systems and content with the though we will come back to tweak it.  Then during testing everyone gets use to how the inventory works so it keeps being placed on the development bottom shelf.  Which eventually ends up in the released game that is experienced by players in the wild outside the development environment where it is often modded by the community to be more streamlined and functional.

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