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  1. One has to wonder, is it REALLY that bad to NOT represent the gay community in your game? Would it be so bad if you were setting up a pal on a straight date? It seems like pandering to me - because the liberal media is such a big fan of the fringe / identity politics. Only 3.5% of Americans are gay according to the Williams Institute. I don't understand why entertainment producers are so hot to put gay relationships into their media. Is it just because its the "in" thing with liberals now? I ask, because for me - pursuing a gay relationship in the game is not fun , as a straight person and a member of the other 96.5% of Americans. Why not have straight material for straight folks, and gay material for gay folks? OR maybe make material slanted towards the OVERWHELMING majority?
  2. Well I guess I can go look into the mod community. Makes me kind of regret being an early-adopter of the game though.
  3. It would be nice if you could just dump all of your mods, armor, and weapons collected while adventuring in a central location ( your ship). When you want to modify, equip, or break down gear, it can pull from your ship's stash, while you use the ship's workbench. This is the same functionality seen in Diablo 3, for example. I think Fallout 4 may have had it as well. Additionally, it would be nice to have a quick - "deposit all items" button. Also a "tinker to max" option. The stash having additional filters for quality would be nice as well. Right now the mod stuff is neat - but inventory management is kind of tedious.
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