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I believe the first icon is the amount of Adreno shots you have left, the purple sight is your TTD (Tactical Time Dilation) and the x 2 with the running guy eludes me too lol. The blue-green bar (if I am correct in thinking you mean the one under your HP) represents the TTD.

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If you are playing on PC the "X" is a command you can give your companions. It works especially well when they are set to defensive mode. It orders them to attack.

If in passive mode they will only attack the one enemy that you told them to. In defensive mode they will attack that enemy and then continue to attack until the area is cleared.


EDIT:  If you are about to fight an area and want to (or even can) snipe the enemies. Say taking out 1, 2 or 3 before the others get "wise" to the attack. This command and defensive work wonders together. Set your companions to defensive and then snipe a couple. Survey the area. Snipe one dead, hit your TDD and snipe one or two more. If you have a the ability to stun enemies on hit (3s or 10s) it will allow you to seperate them enough that your companions will wreak havoc. Kill the first, stun 1 or 2 more and then when TDD stops hit x on the closest enemy. Watch them all die in a beautiful scene.

I love this game. Companions, when you learn to use them, and the in game mechanics are so much fun.

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22 hours ago, Memmaatre said:

And ny the way. Is equipment destroyed at zero durability? 

No but they offer very poor performance that is quite noticeable. For your information there is a codex you can select from your journal that explains a a lot of what you asked, oddly no bestiary though :-(.

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