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How does it work here?

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Does someone even read the complaints/reports around here? Not on weekends? Are they relayed to Obsidian somehow? 

I noticed there's very few moderator comments and only very few Dev-comments - and none on the really glaring issues that have been reported. Sure, it's weekend, but it's the one after the release, no? Also, Obsidian has experience with (too!) bugged titles on release, should they not be prepared, have a reputation to defend? Is there even a point to report stuff here or should I rather refund out (which I find bad, as I do like what little I could see so far), because right now, the game I have is completely unplayable and I really don't see a lot of reassuring activity in this place.

I do admit I write this because I am pretty frustrated by now. Yes, I do expect issues with such a title, a sidequest being broken here or there, that happens. But the issues with streaming/dialogues is a massive gamestopper that should not be in a released title and a lot of other things reported here seem mostly to take serious as well.

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I'm experiencing the same problem you are Silverdragon... The lagging before dialogues issue.  I've been checking back here since Thursday hoping to find a solution.  

However, I wouldn't expect a direct response here, as the forum states that it is for players to help one another.  


If we need specific support, it appears that we may have to submit a ticket to Private Division (and thereby Obsidian) using this link:

I would expect a patch soon, but probably not before Monday or Tuesday.

Hope this helps.

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The moderating team was online the entirety of Friday, replying to new threads that showed up reporting new issues, trying to keep a semblance of order and forwarding new info to Obsidian. 

Today and tomorrow is the weekend, so both Obsidian's and the moderating team's availability is reduced. During next week we expect to organise and reply to more threads as they come. Meanwhile, if you have an issue with The Outer Worlds, you might find an already existing thread reporting the same problem. If there is one, reply there instead of opening a new one.

Thank you for your patience. 

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