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"Dancing" landscape & clouds causing Motion Sickness

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Though ingame camera have ABSOLUTELY ZERO head bob (you can test it walking straight to the wall) there's a strange effect, causing Motion sickness - nausea and headache.

Watch the far landscape and clouds.


Who in Obsidian team is high on drugs? Please, remove this stupid effect and those stupid guy, who come up with such stupid idea! :banghead:

And add OPTIONAL classic headbob camera animation like in thosands other 1st person games.

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Got this exact same issue on PC.

It feels like the clouds are an additional skybox (within the actual sky - planets, space etc.) and it's attached to the player in some way, causing it to bob with their animation.

I never get motion sickness in games (I'm a virtual reality developer) but I noticed this one and I've just had to take a quick break from the game!

Really hope this gets resolved! Fantastic game otherwise, keep up the hard work Obsidian!

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