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  1. It's not just head bobbing, me and other PS4 users experience horrible motion sickness and headaches because turning the camera in general has a subtle flicker or stutter. There is definitely something going on with the settings but not sure what it is.
  2. I am on standard PS4 and turning the camera in general gives a horrible subtle stutter or flickering effect that induces motion sickness and headaches. Not sure if it's a setting or what but it's nigh impossible to play the game for long like this.
  3. Is anyone else getting motion sickness on console? When I move the camera there is a weird motion blur or something that gives me a headache and feeling sick. Don't know what it is but other people have this issue too.
  4. I have this issue on my base PS4. When I move the camera there is a very slight blur or flickering that really distracts. Not sure what it is.
  5. On PS4 I have an issue with a flickering or strange blur or stutter when I move the camera, not sure if it's a graphic setting or not but it's very distracting
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