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Hello Joshua,

Thank you for reaching out to us about this.  Other console players have also been reporting this and the team is considering the potential of adding the FOV slider as a result.  If you think of anything else, please continue to post about it on the forums :)

Thanks again for the help and I hope you're enjoying The Outer Worlds!

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is this going to be implemented any time soon? I’m very eager to play the game but simply can’t due to the really low FOV I can’t play more than 5 minutes without it straining my eyes and giving me a head ache. I would really love to play the game but I’m having to wait for the fov slider to be added until I can actually enjoy it 

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I also would like to see this worked on for the next patch. They fixed the low font and it looks a bit better on 55inch 4k tv. But the game gives me headaches and nausea after a few minutes of walking around, and I think this is being caused by the low FOV mixed with the way the character moves. I don't normally have this as a problem with other games, so there's something going on with this title specifically that's throwing me off. I think adding a FOV slider that could bring it up to at the least 95 would fix it for me personally. But since FOV is a subjective setting it should be able to reach at least 110.

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I recently started playing this on the PS4 and immediately noticed the low FOV. Downloaded the update today and was disappointed to see that a FOV slider was not part of the update. Any ETA on when this will be added? The PC version has this functionality so would be good if the console version did as well.

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