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Issues with ultrawide and character creation

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1. No real ultrawide support (only borderless windowed)
2. Character is not visible in character creation and inventory screen on borderless windowed
3. Can't play letterboxed 1080p on ultrawide screen (stretched)
4. Cutscenes are stretched, doesn't matter if I use a 21:9 or 16:9 resolution
5. Dialogues are letterboxed 


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6 hours ago, zero_kyrael said:

Are you sure ? The game stopped working for me cause it won't recognize keyboard or mouse, but it was running ultra wide full screen for me  even when it stuck at the title screen it seems fine. 

Yes I am sure. The reason why it's running ultra wide full screen is because it is running in borderless WINDOWED fullscreen mode. There is a difference between windowed, borderless windowed and native fullscreen. 

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There is already an ultrawide thread here:


Took the liberty of posting your info there. This thread is now locked.

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