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having played through the tutorial quite a few times and doing a few side quests and working my way through some limited exploration and a very slight bit of the major quest with all the tutorial/hud options ON at supernova i feel im ready to play the game:

no hud-  i HATE it when any modern new game does NOT come with in-depth hud customization; unacceptable in this day and age of gaming (as well as, Thief4 and its GREAT game customization)

paladin/lawful good:  melee, inspire, companions, supernova

and a lot of my self-imposed restrictions i use in other rpgs, such as, no looting what i didnt kill,  no looting common containers (lots of unearned ammo and loot), no theft, always choosing appropriate lawful good responses, proper weight encumbrance (break down, switch or leave- if left, lost due to npc looting), very limited sneaking and sneak kills (must be paladin approved), etcetc..

for me, this game will have multiple runs and hundreds of hours and so for me, “but, youll miss out” doesn't apply:  i made a decision a long time ago with the DUMBINGDOWN idiocy of oblivion/skyrim/fallout3/masseffect/dragonage to ALWAYS go HARDCORE on my first run, since, well, thatll only happen once:  for me, knowing the map and playing the game with HAND HELD eliminates all that is the best about video games.

i love the mostly eliminated save-scumming (good grief peope- autosave cutscenes are everywhere) and permadeath of companions:  reload and figure the system/quest out

2nd run- solo, gun/sniper, charmer, liar, perhaps; supernova




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On 10/29/2019 at 3:52 AM, kris84 said:

Ok thanks. I guess second area is early enough that makes it worth putting points into science from the beginning of the game. 


I see in tour link that science weapon also has a specifik weapon type like handguns, longrange and so on. Does is it mean that i need to invest in both science and handguns to make the shrink weapon to work effectively?

To be fair, Science improves more than just science weapon damage. It provides a scaling bonus to plasma and shock damage and a flat bonus to n-ray and corrode damage at 60.

My assumption is that your relative proficiency with a particular weapon type is also going to effect your damage, etc with the science weapon in question.

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