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My mom has a network connector in her, I think it's a chrome book - one of those slim laptops from when that was the thing - I'm trying to order an adapter that can go from her wall socket internet to her laptop. 


What is the smaller standard of network connectors used for laptops called  ?

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49 minutes ago, Gorgon said:

What is the smaller standard of network connectors used for laptops called  ?



Chromebooks typically don't have ethernet ports at all, and there is no standard for a mini-ethernet port. Typically you'd just get a USB ethernet adapter, some notebooks might have a proprietary port instead which might connect to a custom dock or whatnot. If you're feeling a bit fancy there are combination dongles that act both as an ethernet adapter and a USB hub at the same time, e.g. this thing.

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Yeah, there are way too many different kinds of ports on laptops to know what a "flatter ethernet"-looking port actually would be, especially not knowing the age of the laptop. Most likely, it is not anything network-related at all. I'm kind of curious to see it nonetheless, because I'm unable to think of anything that really looks like an RJ-45 (ethernet) port besides an RJ-11 (modem) port - RJ-45s are a totally hollow port, which basically nothing else on a PC is or really even looks like it is.

(e): Picture that might help:


Only the RJ-11 looks anything like an RJ-45 to me, but you said "flatter", not "thinner", which doesn't jive with that.

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