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Ondra sure has a pretty, attractive voice

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For being a fat bodied, multi boobed, wide nostrel, fish head with a lure between the eyes.

Berath got a good look. Enough sexy goth blackness without over doing it to the point of fearing for your life over coffee. More girls should follow beraths example.

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You are comparing applres to oranges. Pallid Knight doesn't represent Berath in Huana tradition. A valid comparison would be Rikuh and Kohopa&Tangaloa - not sexy either, unless you are into Eels.

I suppose Huana are more into primal/watery themes, rather then marketable hotties. 

I did find it rather strange that Ondra used her Huana aspect when talking to you. Most of them used something that watcher (and you as the player) would be familiar with, rather then their local counterparts. My wild guess is, that that is because Ondra didn't a have defined aspect carrying over from PoE1, and often her representation pops up throughout the game, the artists just stick with what you will know, instead of coming up with something else entirely.

It would be cool, however, if when starting a game with a Watcher with Deadfire background you would talk to two Giant Eels instead of the Pallid Knight 😉. Overall, it would be cool if Gods would use different aspects when talking to Watchers from different cultures... but that would be difficult to pull off with full visual representation. I liked PoE1 pure text discription more anyway. 

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13 hours ago, asnjas said:

The giant eels are fake though. Berath is the true god of cycles. I would know; i have seen him with my own eyes. 

Pallid Knight isn't Berath, though. It's an aspect of Breath you got to talk to. Just as Huana fish thing isn't fully Ondra.

Though it is true, that names Breath and Ondra seem to come from what Engwith originally spread so they might be considered a more original ones. 

But God's are constructs of souls. Any physical appearance is more likely to be a projection rather then an actual look, unchanging look. Well, they titan bodies could have been their more defined look, but it's difficult to say hi they might have looked: bodies underneath the wheel suggest a humanoid appearance. 

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