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Is this forum dead ?



I commented on the post about NPC interaction bug like a week ago. The forum said that I need moderator to approve my comment, and so for it has not been approved yet.

Moreover, that bug has existed since the day 1 of this game release. I have watched some play through on YouTube and it showed the exact same bug I have found recently.

It is frustrating for me that you guys have time to develop a new mode aka Turn-Based, but you left a more-than-one-year-old bug in your current version of game. I do not think you are focusing on the right thing.

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This is the one I mentioned.  I add more comment on this post and it is still unapproved.

I have the same NPC Clerk stuck outside of Vailian Trading Company as it is shown on the original post. Moreover, I also add the link to YouTube play through from Eltimar Gaming, showing that this bug has existed since day 1. He pre-ordered the game.



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1 hour ago, Amentep said:

Thanks. Unfortunately I can't help you with the bug, but I am reporting the issue regarding your previous unapproved post not appearing (I still don't see it).

Thank you for your support.

I am not quite familiar with the forum system. It seems that my earlier comment on that topic has not been recorded somehow. I will try add more details about how to reproduce this bug again on that post.

It is good to know that the forum is still active. I have at least 2 more minor bugs to report.


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