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Where have i heard this story before hmm lol

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the story in this game seems kinda familiar lol. I mean i know it a coincidence but really. Below is the description from steam 


"Reincarnation is the foundation of our way of life. We celebrate the lives we’ve been given, and offer up prayers for the next.

It is grief of death which shackles the living, and causes the dead to stray. Indeed, there is no greater affront to reincarnation.

So do we turn our grief to joy as we send off the dead.

But the souls of those who held back their tears in life still need salvation in death. A duty that falls to the Watchers.

Their task is to guide the wandering souls known as the Lost, and serve as keepers of the Living World and the Beyond.

The Watchers sever the bonds that tie the Lost to this world, and send them on to the next. They navigate the emotions of the living and the dead. They prize life above all else.

This is the story of one Watcher."



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You mean Jade Empire, right? 😉

One would dive into actual game to see if there are any tangible similarities.

I remember playing Dragon Age: Origins, and thinking how much like Witcher it is. Trial of the Grasses and everything. 


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Ye i get culture is built on top of previous culture. themes and stories dont come from nowhere. it just a funny coincidence

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On 8/23/2019 at 2:14 PM, draego said:

They prize life above all else.

When you think about it, this really shouldn't be a foundational line for a cRPG. 



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