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I tried posting this in technical support but that place is a ghost town. I'm hoping this will be allowed here since things are kind of slow. 

In the middle of a playthrough my game stopped recognizing what achievements I have unlocked. My Steam account still lists them properly, but my achievements list in-game was wiped and, most importantly, my Berath's Blessings were wiped. They are unlocking again as a I play but I would rather not have to earn every single one again before starting a new playthrough.

I've tried verifying the game files in Steam, and my computer has restarted umpteen times since this issue started. The problem still persists. Can anyone help me out here? Maybe I need to fiddle with the game folders or something?

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Sorry, for some reason I missed that this thread got responses. It turned out all I had to do was load my other saved games (where I had the game finished already) and I automatically re-unlocked the achievements. Odd but it worked out in the end.

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