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My first time through the game I actually stuck to only single-class characters because the AI for multi-class just sort of random-shuffling through either single-class wasn't amazing.


I'm running a crusader this time and I tried horking out my own AI script at level 5 and he just burns all of his zeal on gilded enmity on a the same target then all of his discipline on strikes before getting to the target at all.  Obviously it's bungo'd but does anyone have a simple guide or pre-made AI scripts for the multi-classes?

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Sworn Rival variants ( may require use of More AI Conditions mod ) in this order :

  1. Target : Affected by Sworn Enemy + Distance : Target : Target in Melee Range > Attack : Enemy Priority = Sworn Enemy/Marked Prey
  2. Target : Affected by Sworn Enemy ( not ) + Distance : "Enemies in Melee Range > 0"  > Sworn Enemy : Enemy : Nearest Target
  3. Target : Affected by Sworn Enemy ( not ) > Sworn Enemy : Enemy : Nearest Target

This will attack any melee range targets currently under SE, and if none marked then mark up another Target in melee range, and if nothing in melee range then mark closest target and then attack it due to the "Attack SE enemy" step being above the SE ability. Doing it this way will always make it attack a marked enemy rather than cast SE variants until it has no SE enemies to attack, thus stopping it spamming the SE ability.


Strikes is even easier.

  1. Inspiration : Self : Has Perception Inspiration ( not ) > Barrage/Strikes ( timer 15 )

Setting it to check for the Perception buff from strikes means it will only cast when you have no Strikes/Barrage up, and the 20s timer also means it won't cast in a chain. 

If you are running Tactical Barrage and need the Int buff then just add a second line to make it

  1. Inspiration : Self : Has Perception Inspiration ( not ) > Barrage/Strikes ( timer 15 )
  2. Inspiration : Self : Has Intelligence Inspiration ( not ) > Barrage/Strikes ( timer 15 )


It's all going to depend on what you pick as abilities, but I generally have my crusader set up to

  • keep 2 zeal back for a res on the healer at all times
  • pop second wind at 50% but also use LOH first with Break Engagement set so it will interrupt casts to do it
  • have LOH for allies set for Self<50%(not), Target<50%  so I don't end up dying if I break Engagement to heal


I'd seriously suggest grabbing the More Conditionals mod, it makes it actually not too hard to set decent AI.

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@kroonermanblack, no worries. 


Glad it helped.

Combination of having some coding/automation experience and also hitting the same issue myself.

Eventually decided easiest way was to force the SE to be on a single target at all times, and strikes got sorted once i spotted the "Has Inspiration" and realised you could just ask it to check that as a "not" option and have it spool up Strikes when no buff.


Wait till you start trying to have a Cipher not spamming stuff... that's fun 😄

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