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  1. I've been thinking about dragging the same main character through P1 and P2. I would use the NPCs, not anything funky, and would stick to regular mode. Anyone suggest a class that would do well? Please note that 'it's regular, anything works' isn't helpful. I know anything can work, I'm curious specifically about classes that do well through the story in game 1 then also do well in the story in game 2. I've played both games a few times, so it's not like there's spoilers.
  2. I'm poking along at starting the game over on the Xbox, and I got to wondering if it's possible to build a character who only throws grenades (or does so as the majority of his actions). I figured no, since the skills don't seem to scale that well.
  3. Thanks for the advice everyone. I'm still fiddling with builds, but I may end up going fighter/barb and trying to carnage all the things. Less perfect build, but looks fun, and it's only 'regular' difficulty so should be fine.
  4. Thanks! I fired up the game today and have to re-learn what all the stats do. I read something in passing that basically said dex isn't useful in 5.0 and I might as well drop it to 3? I'll keep looking at general classes, but what stats should I keep, drop, etc.?
  5. I've been wobbling around Pathfinder over my holidays break, but can't really get into Wrath, and then I remembered I never finished Deadfire. So I thought I'd come back and start a new run. I've always liked quarterstaff and two-handed spears as weapons, is there any build that isn't a monk I could use? Ideally the QS would be the primary weapon, rather than 'a stat-stick the mage holds while casting' type thing. Front line damage or tanky type guy? I'll just play on normal, and I know, 'anything can work on normal', but I didn't know what might be good or synergize well or which weapons to grab. If possible, I'd love to be able to pass most skill checks, especially social ones. I love talking my way into quest solutions in CRPGs, since fighting is basically most of the game anyway.
  6. I was thinking - if I wanted to build a character who only used bombs for damage, how would I go about doing that? I'd prefer to avoid 'yeah he uses bombs but mostly he casts X or whatever'. Just pure bombing goodness.
  7. Thanks for the advice. I actually ended up going with a Berserker/Goldpact build using morning stars. Also went Orlan because the super-tiny angry dude using a giant hammer makes me laugh. Not fully optimized, not incredibly bad. But it's fun which matters more than optimization I think. That specific combination wasn't suggested on here but the posts got me thinking about it, so thanks everyone. Feel bad there was all the talk about greatswords and I went with 'bat with pointy bit on end'.
  8. I'm trying to find a 2020 build for a melee damage type character. Most things are for 2018, so I'm not sure if the builds are still good. I'm only going to play on normal mode, so it doesn't matter that much, but I also like to feel like I've made a powerful character. I was thinking fighter, paladin, or barbarian. But wasn't sure on sub-classes or multi-classes. Probably go for two handed weapons.
  9. Thanks, this was helpful. I was expecting to see a 'bing' or something on a reply so I missed it till now! I apparently disabled notifications.
  10. That's what I'm doing, but I wasn't trying spark crackers. Do I just throw them off to the side of the building and wait for the merchant and guard to walk over there? Using the Overlook blacksmith as an example, both she and her guard stand next to her three boxes. I've got all three open - she wanders off so I can open the one, but the other two are inside the guard's circle and vision, and he doesn't move.
  11. I'm running through the game for my first time since release, put around 40 hours in as an honest type. Playing a more 'if it's not nailed down it's mine, and I brought a crowbar' type this time. But I can't figure out how to steal from merchants. They all have guards sitting on top of chests, even if they're not looking directly at them. All of the guides etc. reference mechanics that seem to have been patched out. Firecrackers didn't seem to work, invisibility is 'combat only', as is the rogue escape ability. They're too close for my stealth score alone to work. What am I missing? I hadn't ever played a stealing oriented character and it feels like it was 101% removed from the game according to old posts I can find!
  12. My first time through the game I actually stuck to only single-class characters because the AI for multi-class just sort of random-shuffling through either single-class wasn't amazing. I'm running a crusader this time and I tried horking out my own AI script at level 5 and he just burns all of his zeal on gilded enmity on a the same target then all of his discipline on strikes before getting to the target at all. Obviously it's bungo'd but does anyone have a simple guide or pre-made AI scripts for the multi-classes?
  13. I'm not super against mods, but I had already planned to run the chronoprismatic QS, and don't feel like restarting etc. It'll do. Thanks though!
  14. I ended up going for a devoted/goldpact quarterstaff build. I really wanted a two handed weapon, and it seemed like the best option. I like being able to do a spear, but a quarterstaff is kind of close, and the character type fit. I'm using the bloodsail pirate build as a template, though since I'm on normal I didn't reduce stuff below 10.
  15. Honestly I wasn't sure. I just really like spears as weapons, and am a bit burned out on the dagger-rogue, greatsword-fighter, axe-dwarf type setup. So it'd either need to be a damage or tank type. Maybe devoted/chanter for the healing. Any suggestion on race/class? Was also googling and saw someone had done a grenadier build, but it's old. Might be interesting.
  16. I haven't played through Deadfire since shortly after release, and it was a hot mess. I managed to do everything out of order and haven't seen the DLC yet. With all the patches, if I wanted to play a spear weapon focused guy, what would my build be? I also don't normally play games more than once, so being able to go everywhere, do everything, see everything, etc. is a real benefit to me - barring the obvious ending issues.
  17. I was looking through the posted builds, and everyone seems to go straight for monk/something splits on ranged classes. If I want to just go single class, but low micro, what class/build would I want? I feel like a lot of the builds can't be adopted to run single class because the reload synergy they get is required. I'd like to be arquebus or hand mortar type.
  18. So casters in general, or every ranged character, would benefit from high perception? I'm totally down with playing a sniper or something. Magic in general doesn't woo my pants off.
  19. Literally all of them Perception is a universally useful attribute. There's got to be a build that benefits more from having a high perception than others. Like a buff-chanter wouldn't get much use out of it, right?
  20. Sorry for the vague title. I had put the game away waiting for a couple big updates, and wanted to see if someone would help me with a build suggestion in the current game? I plan to play on normal, with a full party of the pre-made guys (so not a super min/max party). I want a build that can see as much of the content as possible on a single run, and probably someone who can disarm traps. Other than that, I'm not sure what's good or viable? I like to play sort of classic adventurers, neutral good rather than lawful good. I was hoping for a character with low micro requirements though?
  21. I was reading this thread and it made me want to try an item build. Does anyone have any improvements to offer against a bomb-only type character? https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/8mzwrj/surgical_bomber_fighterranger/
  22. I was reading some of the other builds and it got me thinking. Is there any way to build out a melee druid? I usually prefer passives and less micro - I find the micro super fun on hard fights, but really boring on normal 50 hour runs. But I'm not sure what would be a good synergy? Paladin fires? Monk fists? Fighter devoted - fist? Ideally I think I'd like a high perception for finding hidden things and just for the skill checks, but other than that I'm completely lost here.
  23. I want to put together a build around high perception - probably also my mechanics character. I'm not really sure who might benefit from that the most? I've been doing some other reading and it looks like high dex is currently the suggested damage dealing stat. I also like trying to talk out and resolve issues without fighting. I've been playing RPGs for forever and I just find it a little more interesting and rewarding to fix things rather than punch. I wouldn't mind playing a ranger or chanter, but I've read Maia is brokenly good at being a ranger due to her specials, to the point the watcher can't compare? And I'm not sure if chanter would be good/bad without pumping int. I thought of rogue, but the 'have to be within 2 meters and stealth/etc.' limits in Deadfire are really turning me off - I liked being able to play a sniper rogue in POE1. And I'm reading that guns are speed capped I guess? So even if I went full dex, ranger-chanter with gunner and Ila, I wouldn't get much benefit because I'd hit the cap? Should I maybe try a one-handed melee build like a skald or something crit based?
  24. I was wondering if anyone had builds centered around 1 handed swords. Not dual wielding or two handed or shield. Seems like it would be a nice change of pace, plus I figure Eder gets dual sabers and the priest/monk goes fisty, might as well do something different for my watcher. If you have class suggestions I'd love to see stats, since I'm still not great at the game.
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