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I'm working my way through a run right now with a single class Priest of Woedica. I've liked it well enough. Still some miles yet to go on this run but I'm already starting to think about what I'd play next. I'm into the expansions at this point so it probably won't be too long before I'm done.

I was thinking maybe a Monk or some type of melee dps build but there's so many possibilities I'm a bit overwhelmed with choice paralysis! With casters it can be a simple decision to go single class simply because the PL 8 and 9 abilities are typically great and so is getting the better spells faster. But it seems for most melees outside of Monks the consensus is to multiclass.

I'd probably be playing RTWP on Potd for what it's worth. God challenges probably Ondra, Galawain, and Skaen. unsure about others. I'm using Abydon on this run but might not again because while it has made the game more difficult it feels a bit much to constantly be checking my inventory after every fight. It was interesting to use but maybe won't do so again. 

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That reminds me seeing the Deep Sea King build.


There's also the Full Support/Shock Build for Tekehu which has the added bonus of the non-negotiable items being early game accesible, adn the rest replaceable with lower end items till you get them.


[COMPANION BUILD] Tāwhirimātea, the God of Storms


Used it on two full runs now, and just about to add it on my POTD run as it's that solid.


Plenty of DPS, and solid heal/res capacity. If anything the Foe only AOE/Chill Fog etc makes it too powerful in places, as does the ability to swap from Shock to Ice if they're shock Immune and vice versa.

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