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SUGGESTION: Can I HOLD the crouch button instead of toggle?

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On 8/4/2019 at 6:08 AM, Zombra said:

Simple UI question: can I HOLD the crouch button instead of toggle?

If not, how long will it take to patch in this basic UI option?

Thank you Obsidian, looking forward to the game :)

60 dollar game without the option to hold crouch, in 2019

this is more of a scam than micro transaction bull****


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3 hours ago, ElderSpacer said:

Works for me. Just press CTRL and you go into crouch and stay that way till you press it again. Though you didn't mention the platform you're playing so can't say for controllers.

Thanks for the reply.  What you are describing is a toggle, which is what I do not want.  I want to hold the button down to remain crouched, then lift my finger off the button to stand up again.  This is "hold to crouch", a traditional format for mouse and keyboard first person PC games.  I am a PC player :)

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That just makes me crazy! Bought the game in Steam, and cannot play because there's no option to select "HOLD" instead of "TOGGLE"! AAAAAARRRR!! There are thousands and thousands players who prefer hold, every year they ask developers to listen to them, and now it's 2020, and still nothing!


Make "toggle forward" and "toggle fire" then. "Toggle jumping" would be also great!

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