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Game-breaking bug in the Temple of Revelation

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I understand this isn't the bug forum, but that doesn't seem to be frequented by staff anymore and it's unlikely we're getting any further patches. I'm hoping someone here has encountered this bug and can provide a solution, even if it requires installing a mod or using the console, because I literally cannot progress through the game anymore.

After defeating the memory hoarder, you have to exit through the scriptorium back to the temple of revelation. As soon as I load into the new map, the egg hatches and prompts a dialogue. In this dialogue, I cannot use the number keys to select any of the dialogue, but I can click on them manually. The camera also zooms into the center of the room, rather than on my character, unless I prompt concelhaut's head for a comment. Regardless of what I pick, the HUD doesn't come up and I cannot move my characters or interact with the world, though the NPCs do fidget and even talk (like Tayn's conversation with the imps about dice).

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