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I am somewhat new to the game and am trying to decide on a real good starting group. I have been watching some videos on the subject and am unsure how the builds they show will work with the turn based mode. I don't even know if the turned base mode is worth it or just play normally? 
I really am not sure if I want to play the tank role or dps. I Am not much into just playing a caster role, but I do not mind having the ability to cast spells. Maybe something like a death knight type of role where I can cast and deal lot's of dmg with weapons? And I do not know what to do as far as companions go or to just build a whole team at the inn? I am guessing it would be best to play the companions first time through? Any help would be fantastic on all of this. Thanks in advance.

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Yup, I think playing with Companions worths it for first playthrough I think. Be aware that some of them have conflict with some factions.

If you don't have a specific wish for your Main Character, I guess it's better to choose companions first and adjust your own build after.

Death Knight sounds like Fighter/Paladin/Chanter. But there are a LOTS of possible Martial or Martial/Spellcaster hybrids builds... 

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Death Guards are connected to Berath - at least so far. One was a devoted follower (but not priest): Lord Readric - and the other one a Berathian Priest. 

Death Knights seem to be "undead" creatures in Pillars: you could find them when going down the endless paths or when fighting Concelhaut (Necromancer).

Classes that have direct connection to death/necromancy/undead are Chanter, Priest of Berath and Wizard. If you count "Decay" as well then also Priest of Rymrgand (companion only) and Druid (even has Finger of Death spell). If you picked one of them you would have some abilities that circle around those themes.

Also you can find a nice black plate armor with helmet that fits that theme - and some weapons like Voidwheel, Engoliero do Espirs, Grave Calling etc.

The only Paladin order that would somewhat fit is Bleak Walkers. They are not really into those things in general but still their dispositions and approach to ending conflicts would fit best. 

Something like Arcane Knight (Bleak Walker/Wizard) works quite well.

Unfortunately you cannot pair Bleak Walker with Priest of Berath (due to disposition clash).

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