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I'm starting up a new play through and plan to build a ravager(berserker/nalpazca). My goal is to build a melee AOE beast similar to pillars 1 barbarian. End game I will use oathbreakers end and either amra or the voulge in the early game. Just looking for some tips on how to build this character stats/gear/ ability wise.


For stats I definitely plan on maxing per since the main point of this build is the crit synergy between berzerker frenzy/swift flurry/heartbeat drumming. High int is probably a priority since I will be keeping up frenzy/swift strikes and possibly dance of death/clarity of agony/blade turning. I will leave con at 10 and dump res as this will be a glass cannon build. I am struggling to decide how I want to spread pts between might and dex. If I want to use amra I will need max or close to max might but I'm not sure if it is worth it at the cost of dex. Thoughts?


For gear I will likely use DoC breastplate and falcon helm for the resources and 2h speed. Just wondering if there are any other pieces I should look out for that synergize with this build. 


For abilities there is a lot of good monk stuff but only limited points so some tough decisions to make. I will definitely use torments reach and flagellant path for AOE damage. What dance of death? I certainly won't need the extra wounds but that accuracy is much wanted. My main concern is will I even be able to keep it up as a melee build with low deflection? Also wondering if clarity of agony and/or blade turning are worth the point investment. Any tips here are welcome. 

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I have not played this combination, but I have played both a berserker and a nalpazca separately.  Both are very, very strong but you do need to put in work to mitigate their downsides.

I would be careful with stacking might too high as it will also increase the raw DoT placed on you when you rage.  You'll want to use Voidward to help mitigate the raw damage and buddy up with a healer.  Fortunately, you can get rid of the confusion very easily with drugs or food.

With nalpazca and your reduced deflection while raging you will be swimming in wounds.  Blade turning is a busted ability and is absolutely worth the investment!  I can't speak to dance of death as I have not used it much.

With high enough Int/AoE size you might be able to use Stunning Strikes on the monk side and get the refund by striking multiple targets via Carnage.

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I've played a ravager (berserker/helwaker). With berath blessings you can achieve 35mig,35con or 35 int (modal) more or less depending on your items & food. I was using an upgraded bloody links + modwyr (human race). With 35 con mid-late game even as a helwalker you can stay on the sweet spot that is bloodied for a long time. Invest heavily on athletics.

The stats have to be calculated in advance but I'll try to recall:

- CON: 18+2 berath+1background (21) + 3 eothun (24) + 1 chameleon (25) + 5 hardy +2 konstanten -> 32 con.

- MIG: 11 +2 berath (13) + 10 helwaker (23) + 2 ogre gauntlets (25) + 4 mohora wraps (29) + 5 tenacious + 1 gift from the machine = 35. Helwalker bonuses stack.

- INT: 18 +2 berath (20) + 10 monk (30) + 2 orlan peddler (32) + whatever INT item you want to stack. INT inspirations don't stack with monk wounds be aware.

- 8 Per

- 4 Res

- The rest on DEX.

At the beginning of the game this build is very weak but late on is unstoppable. IMO, the funniest build I've ever played on this game.

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