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Nemnok ending slide, why not?

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I mean, I really enjoyed the quest and the choices around it, but what if you just give the imp all the three grimoires and leave, never to fight him? His power and his cult will continue to grow... If I am not mistaken, even the Hand Occult was concerned and scheming to do something about him. What exactaly? Nemnok was by far the hardest quest boss in the core game - way ahead of any archmage or dragon. He was planning some sort of imp uprising and revenge against old Arkemyr. How? Besieging Neketaka? That seems not very likely to work... maybe an additional ending slide would clarify his fate. Or should we just leave it to our imagination?

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Nemnok is a comedy villain and should not be thought of as a serious power figure in the Deadfire. He could certainly have an ending slide, but it would have to be in the spirit of entertaining megalomania, not killing people or whatever (which besieging Neketaka rather implies).

Left to his own devices, Nemnok at long last learned to both read and spell his own name. The Drowned Barrows echoed with his manic laughter for weeks.

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"Nemnok is a comedy villain and should not be thought of as a serious power figure in the Deadfire. "

Well that also apply for Concelhaut, and based on the best choice ever avaiable  in any CRPG  your choice he could end as a Cthulhu-like horror, rising from the bowels of Eora and aspiring to godhood😨

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yes there really should be some ending slide for that island

Yeah, for the island itself, maybe. You keep guessing what will become of the dwarves if you choose to overthrow Nemnok as much as if you chose not to.

Also, I remain curious on the note alluding Nemnok that you can find somewhre in Forgotten Sanctum. The note says Nemnok's cult is getting too powerfull and someone ought to do something about it. In the room nearby you can find another overgrown imp, that one also very OP. What does that mean? Was it a weapon in development to crush down mighty Nemnok? Or an accident in the research to find a way to undermine him?

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