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If you take Savage Defiance the self damage is manageable even with high MIG (since the high MIG and Power Level scaling also boosts Savage Defiance's healing). You can also use the Voidward ring to reduce the self damage further if it's too much for your taste.

Nice synergy with Berserker's self dmg: a Monk as second class (Nalpasca or vanilla. Helwalker dies too soon and the others don't gain wounds from self dmg).

Berserkers don't have tzhat many dmg bonuses so dumped MIG does hurt their dps a bit. If you multclass with a Rogue: no problem, you can dump MIG. If you multiclass with most other classes and want to deal lots of damage... maybe don't dump it if you can counter the self damage with Savage Defiance sufficiently.

If you multiclass with Paladin you shouldn't have any problems at all (due to Savage Defiance + Lay on Hands which you don't want to upgrade + Exalted Endurance).

Berserker/Livegiver also no problem most of the time.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Which is better for damages ? Per or Mig ? I think they're pretty much equal.
Per is obviously better for Debuff and Mig for Healing.
For a Barbarian, I would recommand Per anyway because it's really good with Spirit Tornado. It's even more true with a Berzeker because Mig means more self-damages.

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per is slightly better in most reasonable offensive cases, especially on path of the damned, until late game where your baseline accuracy vs enemies is pretty high and underpenetration is rarer.

for a barbarian, per is even better because you need to at least hit (not graze) to trigger carnage, which itself must do another hit roll (which is treated like a spell effect and has very few accuracy modifiers compared to the weapon attack but still includes perception). there's literally a (weak) squared-relationship between perception and damage output for a barbarian that isn't true with might.

you shouldn't dump might, due to inversions, but low might is perfectly fine (especially considering a barbarian can basically guarantee uptime on a +5 might inspiration).

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Kept might at 10, pumped perception to max, dex, int, pretty 17-18 and Constitution at 14. Dumped res all the way.  Trying Fanatic for the extra defenses and flavor, do I need both savage defiance and exalted endurance though?

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