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So after hearing about how great multi-classing is, especially when I need most of my guile for invisibility, I've been checking out possible builds.

However, I have no idea what breaks stealth and invisibility - and I need to know the bare details so I don't come across any irritating surprises. Is there a cardinal rule for it beyond attacks?

To tell you specifically what I'm trying to build, I'm thinking about making a marauder that uses an arquebus as her main weapon (scream to make bullet hit harder), on turn-based mode. Going into frenzy has some obvious perks, and I'm hoping it's not a pain to make a sneaky barbarian.  

Thanks in advance for any answers I get! :)

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Damn, I've been playing so long that I don't even think about the stealth conditions anymore. My instinct is that any action (aside from movement) breaks invisibility and only offensive actions/aoe buffs break stealth, but I could be wrong. Either way, it feels pretty natural/logical and I don't think you'll run into any nasty surprises.

To your build: barbarian is not a bad choice for a sniper build because your reload speed will benefit from the passives. But if you want to make a stealth-focused sniper, I would recommend assassin/bleakwalker: if you use the paladin's flames of devotion ability, its damage lash will stack multiplicatively with the passive damage bonuses from sneak attack and assassinate and will allow you to hit extremely hard with the arquebus. Keep in mind that paladins in PoE are different from most other RPGs and don't necessarily require the type of roleplaying traditionally associated with the class. 

But if you're set on barbarian and the firearm type doesn't matter, also consider single class with dual blunderbusses. At high level, you'll be able to trigger full attacks against multiple enemies at once, which can nuke entire mobs with the right equipment. Even better with a single class monk, but I'm not sure how far you're willing to stray class-wise.

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